Okay, so that is a weird title, but I found Elliot’s body! He is a different model, but with a little picture magic, I was able to get them close enough…of course, with those awesome pecks and abs, no one may even notice his face!😉 Damn, I’d love to wash my laundry on that washboard stomach…mmm…have to get that laundry dirty first, but I think I could come up with something. Hahaha!
elliot body_pp_pp3

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  1. Oh, hello. Yes…oh, dear God, yes. *swallowing thickly* That’s a body. That’s THE perfect body for Elliot…or, should I say for ME!
    Dear, God, girl. I have another three pages to write and you posted this? *shaking my head as my eyes run over all displayed.*
    Uh-huh. Works for me.
    Smiling and shakily waving~ J.A. *shuddering in surrender to the fantasy of Elliot*


    • …but I bet they turned out to be a GREAT three pages…lol! Yes, I would be waving the white flag of surrender to him, too. What? No flag in my pocket? Guess I’ll have to put my undies on the pole and wave them😉


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